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The Business Mentoring Academy ( London, England)

The Business Round Table ( New Brunswick, Canada)

California Mentor Program Resource Center ( Tiburon, California)

Canadian Youth Business Foundation Mentoring Program ( Toronto, Canada)

Canton Associates ( Pacifica, California)

Career Systems International Mentworking ( Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Center for Coaching and Mentoring ( Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

Center for Excellence in Education Mentoring ( Vienna, Virginia)

Center for Professional Mentoring ( Penn Valley, Pennsylvania)

Centre for Paired Learning ( Scotland)

Change Management Associates ( Kitchener, Ontario)

Check & Connect ( Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Charney and Associates ( Thornhill, Ontario)

Clutterbuck Associates Mentoring Schemes ( England)

The Coaching and Mentoring Network ( England)

Coaching Success Teleforums ( Park City, Utah)

Completed Annotated Bibliography on Mentoring (Global)

CompuCorp Mentoring ( Ottawa, Canada)

Connecting to Success (e-mentoring for youth with disabilities)

Corporate Mentoring Solutions ( Sidney, British Columbia)

CPSR Gender Page ( Palo Alto, California)

Creative Mentoring ( Wilmington, Delaware)

Dare Mighty Things ( Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

Developmental Resources ( Chapin, South Carolina)

The Diversity Connection ( Chicago, Illinois) ( Somerset, New Jersey)

Electronic Emissary ( Williamsburg, Virginia) ( Mississauga, Canada)

e-Mentoring Program for Kids ( Markham, Canada)

Environment Canada Mentoring ( Ottawa, Canada)

The European Mentoring & Coaching Council ( England)

EXCELL Executive Leadership Exchange ( Portland, Oregon)

Find a Mentor ( Edmonton, Canada)

Friends for Youth Mentoring Institute ( Los Altos, California)

The Growth Connection ( Sydney, Australia)

Hard@Work (Round Rock, Texas)

Harvard Mentoring Project ( Boston, Massachusetts) ( New York, New York)

Intentional Discipleship Network ( Oregon, USA: Faith-Based)

International Mentoring Association ( Michigan)

International Telementoring Center ( Fort Collins, Colorado)

Kinematic Pty. Ltd. ( Rosanna, Australia)

Leader Tips ( Langley, British Columbia)

Leadership Development Services ( Phoenix, Arizona)

Life Mentoring ( Switzerland)

Management Mentors ( Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)

MMHA - The Managers Mentors, Inc ( Oakland, California)

MBA Mentors International ( Canada, USA, UK) ( San Francisco, California)

MentorLinks Interational ( Raleigh, North Carolina - Faith-Based)

MentorNet ( San Jose, California)

The Menttium Corporation ( Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Mentor & Multiply ( Portland, Oregon)

The Mentor Forum ( England)

Mentor Junction ( North Carolina)

Mentor Leadership and Resource Network ( Deerfield, Illinois)

Mentor Management Systems ( San Diego, California) ( USA) ( USA)

Mentoring 2000 or Mentoring UK ( England)

Mentoring for Change ( England)

Mentoring for Neighborhoods ( USA, out-of-date)

The Mentoring Group ( Grass Valley, California)

Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota ( Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Mentoring Rose ( Fullerton, California)

Mentors@Work ( St. Charles, Illinois)

Mentors Unlimited ( Washington, DC)

Mentorship Partners Program ( South Orange, New Jersey)

Merryck & Co. ( England)

National Mentoring Center ( Portland, Oregon)

National School Network Telementoring Center ( USA)

The National Mentoring Partnership ( USA)

On-Line Learning Relationships Lab ( Canada)

Orange County Mentoring Partnership ( Orange County, California)

The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring ( England)

Partners in Practice (Early Childhood Mentoring) ( Halifax, Canada)

Peer Resources ( Canada, USA)

Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc. ( Chicago, Illinois)

Personal Learning Coaching Cambridge, England)

Preparing Future Faculty ( Washington, D.C.)

Public/Private Ventures ( Philadelphia, PA)

Recruiting New Teachers, Inc. ( Belmont, Massachusetts)

Rochester Alliance Promoting Science Mentoring ( Rochester, New York)

Skills for Change ( Canada)

Shorwood Associates ( Waterloo, Ontario)

Startech Mentor Network ( Richardson, Texas) ( USA)

Technical Peer Mentoring ( Seattle, Washington)

TeleMentoring Young Women Project ( USA, info only)

Top References on Mentoring ( USA, Canada, Australia, England)

Triple Creek Associates, Inc. ( Littleton, Colorado)

Tutor/Mentor Connection ( Chicago, Illinois)

Virtual Volunteering Project ( Austin, Texas)

VolunteerMatch ( San Francisco, California)

Women's Executive Network ( Toronto, Canada)

Workforce Development, Inc. ( Rochester, Minnesota)

Yellowbrick ( Tiburon, California)

YESS Institute ( Denver, Colorado)

Alison Young & Associates ( England)

Youth Empowerment Seminars ( New Zealand)



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